Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dinner at 8

Life has been very busy!  Tonight when my little family sat down for dinner is was almost 8 o'clock.  My intentions of taking a picture of our meal were quickly thrown out the window, we were all starving!  So tonight, instead of sharing a recipe, I am sharing a picture of our dinner table after we have filled our bellies with the meal that brought us together, even if it was almost 8.

Starting clockwise:

Noah's plate:  Besides Stella, Noah eats the smallest amount of dinner and is the pickiest of my 3 little ones.  By the side of his orange cup there are orange peels that he has made into a face.

In between Noah and Todd's plate is a gallon of milk.  We go through roughly a gallon a day.  Crazy!

Todd's plate:  Todd's plate is pretty well cleaned off except for some traces of our dinner and you can see his napkin is to the right of his plate and barely touched.

Stella's plate:  Stella did a good job eating tonight except for the minor choking on a chip incident because she doesn't chew very well before trying to swallow.  You can also see a pickled jalapeno to the right of her plate, she wanted one and then after a little taste, decided that she couldn't eat it, let alone leave it on her plate.

In between my plate and Stella's plate is Stella's orange cup that is too close to the edge waiting to be spilled.  The closer to the edge the better!

My plate:  You can see that I finished my dinner (I'm good at that) and what you can't see (except the one sticking out of the side of my plate) is that I use A LOT of napkins while I am eating.  My excessive use of napkins is one of the reasons that I seriously cannot understand how Todd's napkin looks hardly used.

Preston's plate:  Preston is a great eater, but not a great stay-in-your seat eater.  In this picture you can see all of our chairs except Preston's and Stella's.  You can't see Stella's because I am standing on it.  You can't see Preston's because it's pushed away from the table because he gets in and out of his seat so many times during dinner, I can't even count!

I love dinner time (it can be a bit chaotic and crazy) and I love a yummy meal, but what I love the most is that a meal can bring my little family together when the rest of day is pulling each of us in all different directions.